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Family Planning - Reproductive Health Tips


 Benefits, How, What is a method of contraception, Men or women, Do you know what methods exist, Do you know which method of contraception to use, How can we help you?

1st Benefits

Family planning allows individuals to make informed decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health and to control the number of children by using contraception during sexual intercourse, thus benefiting their life plans.

2nd How?

Family planning is the choice of different methods to control the number and timing of pregnancies.

There is a wide variety of contraceptive methods that allow couples to use the method that best suits their bodies and needs.

3º What is a contraceptive method?

A method used to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

4º Men or women?

 These are items, products or procedures that can be used by men and women to prevent the possibility of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

There are more than 20 methods, of which for men there is only the condom or vasectomy.

5º Do you know the methods that exist?


  • Condom or Male Condom
    It is a latex sheath that is placed around the erect penis at the time of sexual intercourse.
    It is the only method of contraception that protects against the sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Diaphragm
    A reusable thin rubber, rubber or latex contraceptive device that covers the cervix. It is placed inside the vagina with spermicidal gel before intercourse to prevent pregnancy.


  • Contraceptive Pill
    It is a drug made up of synthetic hormones similar to natural female hormones that is administered orally. There are a large number of different pills and it is up to the specialist to decide which one is most suitable for each woman.  
    You should never self-medicate.
    The Pill is mainly known for its contraceptive action, being the most widely used method, but it is also used as a treatment for many gynaecological disorders.
  • Contraceptive ring
    Flexible vaginal ring that releases two hormones: 
    - Etonogestrel
    - Ethinyestradiol
    Tolerance to the contraceptive ring is very good, with a low incidence of adverse effects.
    It is very easy to use, you can easily insert and remove it.
  • Contraceptive patch
    It is quite similar to the vaginal ring, as it also frees the woman from taking a daily oral contraceptive. It provides the body with the hormones needed to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. In this case the hormones are absorbed through the skin.
    Each patch lasts about a week.
    The patch is transdermal, thin, small and beige in colour. It is applied directly to the skin and can be worn discreetly under clothing and can even come into contact with water.
  • Contraceptive Implant
    Called Implanon, it is a unique non-biodegradable rod. It is inserted under the skin in the left arm and lasts for three years.
    It should be fitted by a doctor or nurse between the first and fifth day of menstruation.
  • Infant Contraceptive Pill
    Called the non-combination pill because it contains only one hormone (gestagen) and therefore no oestrogen.


Intrauterine devices are small objects that are inserted into the uterus and must be inserted by a doctor, and are more effective than 99%.


They are comfortable and safe long-lasting methods. Their insertion is quick, safe and almost painless.

It is a highly effective method of contraception from the moment it is inserted.

There are different types of IUDs.

In Spain there are two brands of Diu hormonal:

- Mirena

- Jaydees

- Kylenna

Hormone-free diu:

- Copper

6º Do you know which method of contraception to use?

The health professional, according to his or her assessment, physical examination and after explaining the different methods available, the time to start, their use and side effects, will indicate the appropriate method(s) for you to choose the one you most want to use.

7º How can we help you?

At Ginecenter we can offer you completely personalised advice on the contraceptive methods available.


If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our first assessment consultation is free of charge.