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Laser labiaplasty


Hair removal of the female external genitalia is now widely practised, leaving the area more exposed and revealing imperfections that previously went unnoticed.

More and more patients are asking to improve the appearance of this area.

One of the most popular procedures is undoubtedly labiaplasty, which aims to correct excessive labia minora size and asymmetry. However, patients do not always consult for a purely aesthetic reason, and that is that when the labia minora exceed the labia majora, the cushioning effect of the labia minora is lost.

Discomfort may occur when wearing tight clothing, performing certain physical activities and during sexual intercourse.

The laser labiaplasty offers an alternative to the conventional technique. It is a procedure of low riskIt is performed on an outpatient basis, leaves no scars, does not compromise sensitivity and, in our experience, has a high degree of satisfaction. 

To achieve a good aesthetic and functional result, a thorough personalised assessment is necessary in order to choose the technique that is best suited to each individual case.