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Day: July 24, 2022


What do we know about menstrual pain?

Menstrual pain or dysmenorrhoea (medical term) is pain that occurs at the same time as the menstrual period. It usually precedes the bleeding and, depending on its cause, its duration


Lichen sclerosus vulvae

It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the vulva, of benign and progressive aetiology. The lesions are symmetrical and may extend beyond the inguinal crease. The


Family Planning - Reproductive Health Tips

 Benefits, How, What is a method of contraception, Men or women, Do you know what methods are available, Do you know which method of contraception to use, How can we help you? 1st Benefits Family planning allows women and men to have a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities.


Technological innovation in women's health

The concept of Women's Health is as broad as the technological advances in surgery, treatment and diagnostics. Pelvic inflammatory disease Se


Cancer Research Day

24 September is Cancer Research Day, we think it's good to remember how important it is that cancer research continues to be carried out in the world.


Laser labiaplasty

Depilation of the female external genitalia is a widespread practice nowadays, which makes this area more exposed and more vulnerable.